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'My lifelong passion for writing, and profound love of reading, has inspired me to create authentic stories that share my heritage and experiences with a young generation’.

Image by C D-X
Red Leaves

Margo McKenzie's

Debut Novel


Nineteen-year-old college freshman, Nia, feels lost. Her family is disjointed. Her boyfriend is making demands. Indecisive with so many choices to make, she’s at wits end after only a week in college, but with a tidbit of information, she ventures off of Long Island and into Manhattan to conduct a six-month investigation.

   As luck would have it, Nia discovers a path to get what she needs for the assignment and stumbles upon rare finds she could never have imagined.

During the process and without leaving New York City, she walks down the roads of Barbados, encounters her roots of determination, how they blossomed in one place and wilted in another.

The very process of recording and sharing her findings, unearths rare finds, decades-old, she had never expected.




Her stories, birthed from her life’s experiences, are infused with elements of her African American and Caribbean heritage.

Her passion for writing and her love for reading has ignited, creating uplifting stories that address the truth of life, offering resolution, reconciliation, and hope; and crossing generational, race, and culture lines.

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Image by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver


Tribute To A Friend

Shining Sun

Warm gloves
An easy chair
A cup of warm tea
A sunny day when you need one
Rhythm and Blues from nineteen seventy
A cool glass of ice tea on a summer day

A mug of cocoa in winter
Like the cherry blossoms
spouting on time each year.
Over fifty years of reliability
I couldn’t ask for a better friend.
And now you begin another rotation around the sun.
Anyone in your orbit is blessed.

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